About Us

This is about who our company is and where we are headed. Beginyan's team members assist us to get there and
share in our team's success. We have one of Southern California's largest selection of tile and natural stone. Since 1993, we are well-known to always provide our clients with low prices, quality products and excellent customer service. We have been working with factories around the world representing materials from Europe, Spain, China and other continents. 

Despite of our company's size, our span and reach, we all share one vision and remote values. It is the foundation that holds us together wherever we are and whatever we do. It does not matter how far we have extended, the capabilities and responsibilities that we have, we all are obligated to know our vision. Beginyan's makes sure that its' team players comprehend their work, their vision and their success. Therefore, we could passionately enjoy our values and share them with others. 

Our vision is simply to anticipate customers' needs and to be successfully responsive to their requirements. Without forgetting the philosophy "our customer demands come first" and identifying customer consolidation-economies of scale, wider range of services and local market presence, Beginyan's constantly seeks out low prices, right product and quality. In addition, Beginyan's also seeks enhanced designers, contractors, architects and advisers for our clients. 

With over two decades of researching, we simply pass down the solutions to our customers for assistance. We are very respected and recognized for our premium quality of: porcelains, granites, mosaics, ceramics, marbles, onyx, limestone's, travertine's, slates, quartz, glass tiles, sinks, prefabricated counter-tops (stone and quartz), hardwood and laminate flooring and setting materials for installations. 

Our showroom, consisting over 25,000 sqft, offers a vast and technologically advanced variety of selection. We offer the best quality products. Being committed to delivering the lowest total cost of ownership, Beginyan's is at the forefront that adds value across the variety cycle. Beginyan's helps clients save time by carrying everything that one can imagine and our organized sections of showroom displays materials that makes it easier for our customers to make a selection. We have a unmatched geographic footprint within Southern California, one of tile and stone industry's most comprehensive capabilities, leading edge technology materials and expertise to put in all together to add value to any project.   

Our companies' vision is not enough. We needed a strategy to attain that vision and a researched business model that can thrive in any economic phase. Therefore, we implemented numerous factors in achieving that strategy: carrying a large selection of merchandise, using technology to personalize service, cross-selling merchandise, constantly observing our earnings growth, enhancing the strength of our management and employees, as well as the company's customer base. We look for a history of reinvestment into the business and a good reputation. There is not a single formula of what our strategy made up of, but rather a combination of various factors. 

The solution to the bottom level of the pyramid is the top level. The solution to stable profit growth is to maintain revenue growth - maintainable because it concludes from our aptitude to satisfy our clients material needs. Our goal is to add value by lowering the total cost of ownership and to increase revenue. That is the most significant calculation of selecting materials,  sales, customer service and satisfaction. If we accomplish satisfaction through our service, customers will give us more business, which then will increase revenue. They will constantly come back and will refer other clients. 

We desire to educate our team members and clients
 so they will be knowledgeable about our  products and service. Furthermore, we seek the trust in our customers in order provide advice and excellent customer service. We want our customers to spend wisely, save more and get the right product and quality for their currency. That is why Beginyan's provides the proper counseling and guidance in order to make a difference in the lives of its' customers. In return, we can hold the outstanding reputation that we have gained throughout time. 

Reputation can not be purchased or achieved in alternative paths. It needs to attained over decades of hard work and ethical customer service conduct. Our reputation goes beyond our character, not the other way around. Before we proceed in doing something, we look at whether it is right for our clients and not for the affect that it will have upon us. If it is the good solution for our customer, it will then be good for reputation. 

The values of Beginyan's Inc. are to illustrate and secure the conversation that we have, the decisions that we make, the business that we perform,  the interactions that we execute amongst our team members, the product and service that we provide and the interactions that we have with our customers. We created our policy manuals to assist our team members when making decisions based on our culture and the values of our company.